“This therapy has changed my health in such an amazing way. You really have to try it, commit to the recommended sessions and feel and see the results for yourself. I have endless energy, my skin is great, I am symptom free from my auto immune disease I was only recently diagnosed with and lastly I feel my overall wellbeing has greatly improved.” July 2019

“I have just received top up treatments and I can say I am still feeling great, symptom free and healthy.” July 2020

Kristeen Duff

“I have sleep Apnoea use a machine to help me sleep. Since using the Hydrogen I slept peacefully all night and felt very calm. My whole body was relaxed and I felt very rested throughout the next few days. The staff are so helpful and really cared how I was feeling, making sure I was comfortable while sitting. I drank the Hydrogen infused water and found it very refreshing. This treatment is amazing and I am really looking forward to my next session. I cannot recommend the Hydrogen therapy enough/ It was very powerful in helping me with my pain. May 2020

Chris Morgan

“I am absolutely delighted with this therapy and the results I have seenin such a short space of time.I have been on an inhaler for breathing difficulties and since receiving the Hydrogen therapy I find I don’t need it as much if at all. I’m so pleased with this and find my overall wellbeing has been boosted as a result”           July 2020

Thomas O’Brien

“ I am a professional Golfer and I did a course of Hydrogen Therapy to treat my knee pain. I was due to receive surgery for this problem and I now no longer do. I am completely pain free and able to do 18 holes with no issues afterwards. I am so pleased with these results” July 2020

Denis O'Sullivan

“I have just completed 10 sessions in H2 Clinic and the main reason I attended for was hormonal acne. I found overall it didn’t clear up completely but is definitely 70 percnet better and I’m very pleased with this..”  July 2020

Ellen Ring

“I have received Hydrogen Therapy with no major underlying conditions. I just wanted to do this as a wellness Treatment and I find my overall energy is fantastic. I feel I’m sleeping better. I also suffer with Hayfever and take anti histamines every Summer but since my first treatment I haven’t taken one.” August 2020

Julie Murphy

“My sister recommended Hydrogen Therapy as she had heard about it. I suffer from Rheumatoid arthritis and I did a course of 6 treatments and the results were that my symptoms improved by 50% which I’m extremely happy with..” August 2020

Mary Breen

“I heard about this Treatment from a friend and I was very interested would it help me with my Osteo Arthritis. I did the initial 5 treatments and got on so well that I decided to sign up for another 5 to give me a bigger boost. Im so pleased to have completed this and find my pain has lessened and my overall wellness has been improved.” August 2020

John Flynn

“After 2 years of severe ankle pain I attended H2 Clinic and got great relief and as a regular golfer I’m now able to enjoy the game more than I ever have.”  August 2020

Hillary Loftus

“I came to H2 Clinic in May. I had 6 sessions when I first came to H2 Clinic. My pain at the beginning was 8 to 9 out of 10. After 2 treatments I felt my pain level was at 2. I’m so pleased and relieved with this.”  September 2020


Vincent O'Brien

Following 5 sessions of Hydrogen Therapy I felt that:

My Sleeping pattern has improved, I have had insomnia for years, now I am finding that I sleep for 5 hours + which is great for me.

Pain in my knees(normally 8/10) has reduced to 5/10 which is great

I find that I can do my steps exercise more easily

My shoulder pain 9/10 has improved since session 4 of H2.

My mobility overall has not yet improved but I am confident that if the benefits continue then I will be walking reasonable distances again

Thank you – I will definitely keep in touch and come back for top ups.

October 2020

Ann Keating

I have been suffering from arthritis for 14yrs. After trying every treatment possible I heard of H2 Clinic by word of mouth. After 2 treatments I didn’t find any major improvement but after the third treatment, I can’t believe the relief I’ve gotten on all my joints. My general wellbeing and overall health is much improved and I completely recommend this treatment.

October 2020

Liam O’Donnell