Hydrogen Therapy

The revolutionary new treatment to combat pain and inflammation


H2 Clinic was established in 2018 by Noel O’Connor, specialist in the treatment of Back Pain for the past 33 years at Kilross Clinic in Bishopstown, Cork.

Having researched the theory and clinical application of Hydrogen as a Therapy for conditions such as Rheumatoid Arthritis, Osteo Arthritis, Neuropathic Pain and many other conditions that didn’t respond to manual treatment, molecular hydrogen has proved to be a very safe and effective treatment option.

It is the first clinic of its kind to use molecular hydrogen as a pain relief and wellness therapy. At H2 Clinic we pride ourselves on our extensive experience in the clinical application of molecular hydrogen, as well as our role in continuing research with the European Institute for Molecular Hydrogen Therapy.


Hydrogen Therapy is a clinical procedure that involves administering molecular hydrogen (H2) for therapeutic purposes.
Hydrogen is commonly known as a flammable gas, however in its molecular form it is very safe and good for your health.

There are a variety of methods available to administer hydrogen for therapeutic purposes, the most common being hydrogen diffusion in water and inhalation through nasal cannula as well as topically.

H2 consumption or application is effective within ten minutes in the body and due to its small size, molecular hydrogen can easily penetrate and diffuse through the cell membrane, making it highly bioavailable.

The multidimensional benefits of hydrogen have shown to reduce pain, enhance brain health, promote healthy ageing and longevity, and influence injury recovery.

At H2 clinic in Bishopstown, Cork we administer hydrogen using specially calibrated high volume hydrogen generators for best therapeutic results.


See what our patients have to say

“This therapy has changed my health in such an amazing way. You really have to try it, commit to the recommended sessions and feel and see the results for yourself. I have endless energy, my skin is great, I am symptom free from my autoimmune disease (which was only recently diagnosed), and I feel my overall well-being has greatly improved.”

Kristeen Duff

“I have sleep Apnoea and use a machine to help me sleep. Since using the hydrogen I slept peacefully all night and felt very calm. My whole body was relaxed and I felt very rested throughout the next few days. The staff are so helpful and really cared how I was feeling, making sure I was comfortable while sitting. I drank the hydrogen infused water and found it very refreshing. This treatment is amazing and I am really looking forward to my next session. I cannot recommend the Hydrogen Therapy enough – it was very powerful in helping me with my pain.”

Chris Morgan

“I am absolutely delighted with this therapy and the results I have seen in such a short space of time. I have been on an inhaler for breathing difficulties and since receiving the Hydrogen Therapy I find I don’t need it as much, if at all. I’m so pleased with this and find my overall well-being has been boosted as a result”

Thomas O'Brien

“I am a professional golfer and I did a course of Hydrogen Therapy to treat my knee pain. I was due to receive surgery for this problem and I now no longer need it. I am completely pain free and able to do 18 holes with no issues afterwards. I am so pleased with these results”

Denis O'Sullivan



H2 is odourless, and is inhaled through the nose using a cannula. It is a gentle non-invasive procedure.


H2 water is simply pure water infused with hydrogen gas by our high output generator.


In our supervised clinical setting, H2 can be administered ‘locally’ to the site of pain, such as fingers, hand, wrist, elbow, foot, etc.

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