Will I need a top up treatment?


After the initial course of treatment, we recommend 2-3 top up sessions each year, to benefit overall wellness.

Will I need a top up treatment?2020-10-20T16:35:47+01:00

How many treatments will I require?


We recommend 5 to 6 initial treatments. However further sessions may be required depending on severity of symptoms.

How many treatments will I require?2020-10-20T16:35:23+01:00

What can I expect after treatment?


Most people report feeling sensations like tingling, coldness, relaxation, and a euphoric feeling. Individual experiences vary.

What can I expect after treatment?2020-10-20T16:35:01+01:00

Who administers the treatment?


Our wonderful H2 clinic staff. They have been trained, certified and insured by the Institute of Hydrogen Therapy to administer H2.

Who administers the treatment?2020-10-20T16:34:40+01:00

Will the treatment interfere with my medications?


No, and we don’t recommend or intend to interfere with your medication either. It is not advisable to alter or come off any medication without your doctor's advice.

Will the treatment interfere with my medications?2020-10-20T16:33:29+01:00

Are there any side effects?


Since Hydrogen Therapy was first established 13 years ago, there have been no recorded side effects.

Are there any side effects?2020-10-20T16:33:05+01:00

Who benefits from Hydrogen Therapy?


Everyone can benefit from having this treatment. It has a positive result on overall well-being. It does have particularly good outcomes on pain relief, and as an anti-inflammatory.

Who benefits from Hydrogen Therapy?2020-10-20T16:32:40+01:00
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